The Chadwick School Reunion
Pets, Kids and Spice (Spouses?)

OK, Karla started it. It's not my fault. She sent the first kid pic. Now it's gonna be kids and pets and spouses, lovers-in-law, life partners, new cars..... All right, send 'em over and I'll post them.

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This is Dezri's new car. It helps him get out of bars.... faster!  

Matt's in trouble!
Min (Melissa)-- 13,
Rucho (Galen) -- 16,
Duni (Alexandra) -- 11


 ....Ok, ok.. Lyn made me put up my dog too. Here's Dylan. No not that Dylan...what else would you name a Pembroke, Welsh Corgi, but after a Welsh Poet -- Dylan Thomas. Mr. Peirce would be proud. (Actually, he'd probably think it pretentious...didn't he name his cats Smith and Jones?)  
  Karla's kid. Gracia.
She's 4.
She'll be in focus when she's 5.
 Mindy's husband, Pete sent this over. He doesn't know who they are but they live with him. You may remember Pete recently turned five-oh (shhsss!)
Carrie (18), Janet (15)
       Meet Annie Oakley and friend. She's the one gonna kill Lynn for posting these on the Net.    

Don painted this for a client who, for some reason, was dissatisfied with the final version. Now he's working on one of clients playing poker!
(sorry Don, couldn't resist)
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