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Relics Renegades and Gay Rajas--
The Relics are expecting!
We are expecting to get better. We are expecting our PA. We are expecting an off-sprinkle from Rick and Karen. Baby watch 2000 is (still) on. When my wife was pregnant it occurred to me that the last two weeks of a pregnancy are so miserable, it makes the concept of childbirth seem like a reasonable alternative!

Oh, by the way, Sept. 30 and Oct 7 are still confirmed dates with both the client and Train Wreck. Don't forget Train Wreck's Spectrum gig October 8, 7-10 pm.(See

Sept 24 was an all acoustic extravaganza and Karmic energy plus. No one was listening but that caused them to walk away from the gig with an overall positive impression of the Relics. Another rousing success. How do you get acorns out of your soundhole?

Because Sully feels the need to attend to various parental duties, and disregard his commitment to the Relics, Galen is in the wings on the 30th.

Chuck is working both Thursday and Saturday nights.

I "talked" to Brian about the cable screwup, which he said was Rick's fault, of course. Dan and I set up the PA with the new cables Brian provided. All is well.

Our first fan. No shit, fan number 1 signed up for the mailing list. And her name isn't even close to one of ours.

Monitors and sub-woofer came in to Pro Music Yesterday. Mixing board and amp are due in today. That leaves only the microphones and any ancillary equipment to be decided. Anyone have any comments about the Audix Mics? I would kind of like to try Shure 58s for Saturday. Where can we rent the AKGs?


FYI, here are the equipment recommendations:
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Version 2
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